Matt Soffe is a freelance illustrator and colourist from the North-west of England, now based on the West Coast of the US. His work has appeared in many publications over the last ten years, including 2000AD, The Judge Dredd Megazine and Heavy Metal Magazine, as well as with publishers such as Z2 Comics, Accent UK, Soaring Penguin, Printed in Blood (Contributing to the John Carpenter's 'The Thing' 35th anniversary art book) and Topps (Creating officially licensed Star Wars sketch cards). His work for The House of Tharg has included colours for several Judge Dredd strips, plus the 5 part series 'Zombie Army: Last Rites' which tied in with the release of the videogame Zombie Army 4:Dead War.

Find Matt on his Instagram: @matt_soffe

Michelle Joy Gallagher Soffe is an author of poetry and prose from Sacramento, California. She is mother to 3 children and 2 fantastic dogs. Testing the limits and playing with the elasticity and beauty of the english language is one of her passions. With an affinity for astronomy and physics, she often makes correlations between the corporeal and the cosmos. Michelle wrote the short story "Red Woman" for Cafe Macabre published by Source Point Press and "The River" for Cafe Macabre II, both anthologies edited by Leah Lederman. She worte the story "Awake" for Blackhawk Vol. II with author David Brown and others, published by Lake Lord Publishing. She is the author of an 8 page comic "Under the Root" for the video game themed anthology Get in the Game, edited by Pat Kawula, published by Source Point Press. She has provided poetry for The Rejected series by Stan Konopka, also published by Source Point Press. She is creator of two poetry chapbooks: A New Mourning: Poetry for the Dead and S=K log W. Her spoken word poem "Languages Die" is included in Boneman's song Tattoo Room. She is also a frequent contributor to the monthly Ladies of Horror picture prompt flash fiction challenge at https://spreadingthewritersword.com

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